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Carpet Cleaning Oak Park
we also clean Upholstery, Rugs, Mattress, Tile & Leather Furniture.
Our Price List:
Carpet Cleaning - $39 per room
Hallway - $15 to $30 based on size
Basement - 0.17 cents per sq.ft
Staircase - $3 per step

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Carpet Cleaning Oak Park

Who benefits from a professional hot water extraction method (aka steam cleaning):

  • parents of young children - spills and stains are every day norm when having small kids. That’s why its always a good idea to have your local carpet cleaner’s number on hand.
  • pet owners - having pets is great but we all know that pet accidents happen frequently and the stains and odor are almost impossible to get rid of.
  • people with asthma and allergies - professional carpet cleaning helps to remove allergens, pet dander, bacteria and dust mites. This alone will prevent other health problems and make your family breath easier.
  • every homeowner who wants to bring fresh new life to their carpet and improve the overall look and feel of their home

  • Importance of professional carpet cleaning:

    Many homeowners in Oak Park are unaware of the importance of professional steam cleaning. There are many reasons to contact professional carpet cleaning company and here are some of them:

    1. Extends the lifespan of your carpet - carpets get a lot of foot traffic every day. Dirty shoes and paws carry in tons of dust and grime which can build up and get trapped between your carpet’s fibers. This can significantly damage your carpet and increase wear and tear. Give your carpet professional steam cleaning at least once a year but as often as six months to ensure they will be free of dust, greasy residue, allergens and pollutants. Carpets will be renewed, restored, refreshed and will last longer.
    2. Improves indoor air quality - along with dirt, dust and grime our carpet fibers trap allergens, bacteria and pet dander. Over time they can find their way air we breath and cause severe respiratory and breathing problems, allergic reactions and other health problems. Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned will get rid of all those allergens and improve the overall air quality of your home.
    3. Improves the look and feel of your home - this is especially important if you’d like to sell or rent your property. The first thing a potential homebuyer/tenant will notice once they walk in is the flooring. And if your carpets are not in a good shape most likely you’ll have hard time making a sale or renting your space.

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    Professional carpet cleaning will extend the lifespan of your carpet

    Even though plenty of people, especially pet owners, consider carpets to be less practical than hardwood or tile floor we can all agree that they bring warmth and comfort to every home. If they are well and properly maintained carpets can enhance the aesthetic of any home here in Oak Park, IL. Part of the maintenance definitely includes regular vacuuming (at least twice a week) and spot cleaning when necessary. But this alone is not nearly enough to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean for many years. Regular vacuuming picks up every day dust, dirt, grime and bacteria but doesn’t clean or wash up the build up in your carpet fibers.

    About Us:

    SN Cleaning Inc offers professional and affordable carpet & upholstery cleaning in Oak Park and all surrounding areas. We use a powerful, low moisture steam cleaning extraction method recommended by leading USA carpet manufacturers. Our attention to details and prompt service is what separates us from the competition. SN Cleaning Inc is dedicated to provide you, our valued customer, with superior service, backed up by years of experience, at very affordable cost. Put us to the test. Call now and get your free estimate.

    We specialize in:

    We specialize in oriental area rugs cleaning, mattress cleaning, dust mites removal, allergy relief, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning (side chair, sofa, sectional, dining room chairs, couch), commercial and residential cleaning in Oak Park, IL 60301, 60302, 60303, 60304.

    (708) 710-4767